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The Daily Dilly - Buffalo Badlands

by Adam Feragne on Feb 28, 2022

Dilly Comic | Episode 1 | Buffalo Badlands Scene

Welcome to the first ever edition to our new series "The Daily Dilly!"

Each day we'll post a scene from the Dilly Comic and give a little background info that you may have missed while reading.

Daily Dilly #1 |  Buffalo Badlands

Description: While Dilly is taking his drivers test, the instructor's banana car breaks down in an abandoned part of Porkville, (Dilly's home town) called the Buffalo Badlands.

Years ago there was a devastating explosion at Porkville's "Buffalo Sauce Power Plant." This explosion has rendered this part of Porkville uninhabitable. The area's toxic fumes and buffalo goo has earned it the nickname, "The Buffalo Badlands."

Dilly, knowing he got the crew into this mess, must find a way out of the Badlands before the fumes become deadly.

Read the full episode here! Dilly Episode 1

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